Skinny Muscle Sports Free Product Affiliate Programme


We have been inundated with people asking for free product whilst at the same time wanting to contribute and be apart of our brand. To accommodate this we have structured our free product affiliate programme, were quite simply you sell five garments and you get one garment of your choice for FREE!

How it works:

  • You will be sent a 20% discount code upon your application for you to purchase your first garment
  • Once we receive your Affiliate purchase you’ll also be issued an affiliate 15% discount code for your network, family, friends or followers 
  •  Once you have used your code five times to quantify five (including your personal purchase) sales of Skinny Muscle Sports garments you will receive your confirmation email to go ahead and receive your free product!
  • You can only qualify for our affiliate programme when you have purchased using your affiliate code after signing up below.

We appreciate the amount of interest we receive for our affiliation programme, we hope that you can take advantage of our above terms. If you would like to join our affiliate team please apply below to officially confirm your interest! 

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